Resources for Teachers and Program Leaders from the Violence Prevention Program Calgary Initiative


For three years (2012-2015), a group of community-based agencies, school boards, funders and Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence came together to develop a strategic and coordinated approach to violence prevention programming (VPP) in Calgary. The project resulted in a number of resources, including:

  • Resource 1: A framework to guide sector-wide coordination of VPP programs
  • Resource 2: A list of evidence-based principles to guide VPP program development
  • Resource 3: A checklist to guide educators in selecting VPP programs for their schools
  • Resource 4: A checklist to guide community-based agencies in determining what schools would be a good fit for their VPP programs, and
  • Resource 5: Online compendia of violence prevention and healthy relationship programs for schools

These resources are intended to support quality school-based VPP programming, and are intended to be distributed broadly. Please follow the download link to access the resources.