Advancing Healthy & Socially Just Schools & Communities

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Calling social workers, educators, health care providers and community service workers!

Diversify your skills and cultivate the knowledge and confidence you need to develop and support healthy and socially just learning environments inside and outside formal school settings for all young people, regardless of race, creed, ancestry, ability, colour, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Ensuring that learning environments are safe and socially just is important for the promotion of healthy behavior, social-emotional maturity, and resiliency skills. Increasing the capacity of those in the caring professions to help youth develop healthy relationships and positive social-emotional skills is a key factor for reducing rates of bullying, dating violence, and ultimately family violence.

This graduate four-course program is offered through the Werklund School of Education, and will enable you to analyze current trends in school, family and cultural violence and assess comprehensive school violence prevention practices, policies, supports, and resources relevant to the Alberta context.

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Apply by March 15, 2015