The Issue

Domestic violence hurts everyone - the women, children and families who experience violence, the witnesses and bystanders, as well as those who are responsible for the violence. It strains our social service, health, education, police and justice systems. Because domestic violence shatters the sense of well-being needed to thrive in life, it hurts our whole community. 

  • In Canada, over 1.14 million people reported they had been either physically or sexually assaulted by their partner or spouse in the last five years. 1
  • It is estimated that the total economic impact of spousal violence in Canada in 2009 is $7.4 billion, amounting to $220 per Canadian. 2
  • The percentage of self-reported spousal violence in Alberta was 7.6 per cent, compared to 6.2 per cent nationally. 3
  • Alberta has the second highest rate of self-reported spousal violence in the country. 4
  • Nearly ten per cent (9 per cent) of Albertans find it acceptable in at least one situation to be physically violent towards their spouse. 5
  • In Alberta, "having to address ongoing domestic violence, even after women have left an abusive situation, has cost more than $600 million in the past five years, with $521 million of this tab being picked up by Alberta taxpayers." 6

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The prevalence of self-reported spousal violence in Alberta reveals that every hour of every day a woman will be a victim of some form of violence by an ex-spouse or ex-partner. (Wells, L., Boodt, C., & Emery, H., 2012)